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Live chat whatsapp

Live chat whatsapp plugin you can easily add it to your HTML Template website. With the WhatsApp Chat Support Plugin, your customers can easily communicate with you live. This will take you directly to your support team.

Mobile Screenshot

Live chat whatsapp

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Feature list

  1. Single and Multiple Accounts.
    Here you can add different departments, such as Sales Department, Billing Department.
  2. Define time availability.
    Here you can set a specific time, such as – is now closed.
  3. Let your customers see when you are offline.
    When you are not online. Will show offline here.
  4. Pre-defined text.
  5. Availability in your customer’s timezoon.
    Your customer can be in different timezones, let it convert automatically.
  6. Easy to customize
    You can easily customize it to your liking.


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